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What England's win against Germany means for their chances of lifting silverware.

I'm sure you know by now, but in case you don't.. England beat Germany 2-0 at Wembley in the first knockout round of Euro 2020.

Raheem Sterling continued his goal-scoring heroics for England while Manchester City Target, Harry Kane finally got his tournament up and running by scoring a simple, yet well-worked goal on the 86th minute to guarantee the win.

Who will England face in the quarterfinal?

Well, to state the obvious... They are through to the quarter-finals.

They found out who they'll play after a relatively uneventful game, where Ukraines' Artem Dovbyk scored a very late winner to knock the Swedes out.

This is considered a surprise since Sweden is usually a tough nut to crack, the red card for Swedens' Marcus Danielson in the 99th minute played a key part in their exit from the tournament.

There was no real ebb and flow to the game, aside from a 3-minute spell in the second half where both nations hit the post, but aside from that there really wasn't much action.

What's next for England?

If England manages to beat Ukraine in Rome, on Saturday 3rd July, They will face the winner of Czech Republic vs Denmark.

Thanks to the format of the tournament this year, they are on the right side (for them) of the draw, and won't face one of the real favorites to win the Euros until the final, if everything goes their way they could end up playing the final against Switzerland, but this is wishful thinking for the English fans.

It's coming home (this is their best chance in a very long time, best of luck!)

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