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About ME.

Looking for professional video editing services in South Wales? Look no further! Our team of expert editors specialize in creating stunning videos for weddings and other events. Let us help you bring your vision to life

HI, it's me!

Daniel Scott Davies

What can  I offer you?

From day one, I knew I would work in the wonderfully wacky creative field, it has just taken be a bit longer than most to figure out how. (yes, this means I have tried a LOT of different fields, I know for CERTAIN this is the career I want).


I am a video editor, content creator, and production assistant.

Want to get in touch with me directly? Twitter is the fastest and easiest way.

With a burning passion for all things creative, whether that be content marketing, video production, or even photography I has the skillset to help you, and your business.

As a video editor, I have had the honour of working for some massive names in the gaming space, Including TimTheTatMan, Summit1G, and GoldGlove.

I have had the opportunity to work within the BBC, being part of the crew who filmed Jamie Johnson, and some wonderful production crews in South Wales (mainly Cardiff).

I am a creative at heart, and offer a wide range of services, whether you need a copywriter, a photographer, a video editor or any kind of social media marketing.

By looking at what I do, you could say everything I have been working toward, is to be a social media marketer, and I am totally okay with that.

I am looking for work in this field as I would LOVE to have a career in such a fulfilling landscape.

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HI, it's me!

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